You refuse to do things like everyone else.
We’re OFFHAND STUDIO, A people-first creative studio building brands with style, substance, and staying power.
From sustainable clothing lines to venture capital firms, we’ve done a little bit of everything. Our favorite clients? Industry disruptors, outside-of-the-box thinkers, and stick-it-to-the status-quo-ers. That idea you just can’t let go of? We wanna hear it.
So tell us, what’s the big idea?
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"The most fun aspect of starting my company. I could not be more thrilled with the result."

"Any business owner who is looking for strategic brand development (beyond just simple graphic design) would be wise to work with Offhand Studio. They are excellent at what they do and a delight to work with.

Mattie & Emily took all my nit-picky details and ideas from inside my head and brought them to life through my visual identity – and they did so in a remarkably short amount of time. Their expert usage of asynchronous communication freed up my calendar, and their clear project plan provided clarity in who was responsible for each step of the process.
I feel more confident going to market with a brand I can be proud of, and for that I am incredibly thankful of the superb work that Offhand Studio provided."

“Like breathing a huge sigh of relief because you’re in the hands of a professional.”

“Every time I dreamt up visuals for my business, I’d have so many competing ideas. I know when I think something looks good, but I can’t articulate why I like it or how it relates to my brand.

But Offhand! Mattie and Emily are the magic that bring it all together. They pull all my ideas to the front and examine what works and what doesn’t. They ask honest, kind questions and don’t create a single thing without developing a full strategy first. With Offhand Studio, you know you’re in the hands of professionals the entire time. Working with them is like breathing a huge sigh of relief that someone is as good at design as you are at your own magic.”

“Now we can focus on growing and scaling our business. Worth every penny.”

I loved working with Offhand Studio to define our brand’s look and feel. As a small business owner, this was a huge investment for us, but I can confidently say it  is worth every penny. They are super organized and very thoughtful in their approach to design. Most importantly, they developed a brand for us that I don't have to think twice about. No more tweaking my logo or colors - Mattie and Emily took all the guesswork and uncertainty out of our branding, which allowed me to focus on growing and scaling our business instead. I can't recommend them enough.”

About Us
Emily Holt
Founder + Creative Director
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Mattie Tiegreen
Founder + Creative Director
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First things first, we’re regular people. We like caffeine and naps and days off, just like you.
We take this work seriously, but never ourselves. We’re relentlessly curious and addicted to innovation but check our egos at the door.
This idea, this business, this brand — it’s big to you. So it’s big to us. As a team with over a decade of experience in visual storytelling, you can trust that we’re sticklers for excellence. As people people, you can trust that we actually care.
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If you’re way down here, it’s because you’re ready to do things differently.
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